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Everything Has Changed...

It happens every year...

Things change.

And that’s why drowning yourself in outdated ebooks or forcing yourself to listen to boring, impersonal courses and webinars just doesn’t yield results.

You need real, updated information that actually works!

And the really sad truth is...

Most So-Called “Marketing Gurus” Confuse Theory With Fact

Most don’t walk the walk...

Most haven’t done it, and even if they did, they don’t do it anymore (except for selling products on “How To Market Your Business Online” if that counts).

Are you as sick and tired of this as I am?
The good news is, that’s all about to change...

You’re About To Get It Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

If you wanted to learn a subject...I mean REALLY learn it, which would you rather do?

The answer is obvious, right? (Ok, you might want to pass on the “hog-tying” part, but you get the idea.)

Obviously it would be better to get the information “straight from the horse’s mouth” as opposed to reading it or listening to it in a potentially outdated book or course.

And it's no different when it comes to growing your business online...

You can either buy a bunch of books and try to figure it all out on your own, or you can go to the experts themselves and listen to what they have to say – live and in-person.

Well if that scenario excites you, then I have very good news...

“While I Won't Let You Hog-Tie Me To My Chair, I Will Give You the Opportunity To Come 'Hang Out' With Me and Let Me Tell You Everything I Know About Digital Marketing”

Without tooting my own horn too much, I (Ryan Deiss) am considered the “King of Conversion” and the creator of the funnel models used by many of the top brands today.

My good buddy (and business partner), Perry Belcher, is the master of traffic, and has more successful startups under his belt than a room-full of Stanford graduates.

More importantly (and unlike most of the marketing experts out there)...


In fact, in the last 24 months alone we have:

So again...we actually do this stuff! (And we’re pretty dang good at it.)

We’re not ivory tower researchers and authors. We’re down in the trenches...just like you.

And here's the hook: I’m going to open the kimono and tell you everything I know. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It's called, the...

Traffic & Conversion Summit 2016

Livestream · February 9 – 11

Presented by...

But before I tell anymore about the event itself, I first want to tell you what I think about most Internet marketing events...

Ordinary Events Are Nothing More Than “Feel Good” Pitch Fests For Newbies...

This is NOT an ordinary event. In fact, I hate to even call it an “event,” a “conference,” a “boot camp” or anything that might make you think you've heard of anything like it in the past, EVER.

First of all the Traffic & Conversion Summit....

I guarantee you this...

You will leave this event armed with everything you need to create MASSIVE amounts of web traffic and convert that traffic in to sales.

So Who Are Your Teachers?

Ryan Deiss

Co-Founder & CEO

Perry Belcher

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Roland Frasier

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Richard Lindner

Co-Founder & President

Molly Pittman

Vice President

Russell Henneberry

Editorial Director

Justin Rondeau

Conversion Optimization Manager

Gary Vaynerchuk

Founder & CEO

What Will These 3 Days Do For You?

Answer: A lot!

Here’s a peek at what we have on the agenda and just a smidgeon of what you’ll take away...


The Day 1 theme at Traffic & Conversion summit is always TRAFFIC, and this year it’s no different. But in addition to talking about the newest trends and changes in the traffic channels, we’re also doing special breakout tracks on PODCASTING and MARKETING AUTOMATION. Some of the topics we’ll discuss include:

And that’s just Day 1...


Now that you know how to get all the traffic your business needs, what do you do with it? That’s what Day 2 is all about, because on this day we’ll focus 100% on sales and conversions. This year we’re placing special emphasis on SELLING WITH VIDEO and the merging of CONTENT AND COMMERCE since these are two of our biggest breakthroughs of the last 12 months.

Here’s just a tiny preview of the topics we’ll be sharing with you on Day 2:

And again, this is just a preview...a tiny snippet of the tactics and strategies that will be dumped on you at T&C.

By the end of Day 2, your brain will be mush.

Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone who’s been to T&C in the past and they’ll tell you. That’s why we like to mix it up a little bit on Day 3. This year we’re bringing you...

Day 3

On Day 3, we like to make a slight pivot away from tactics and toward the STRATEGY of marketing and business growth. This is a time to sit back, relax, and let your mind open up to some of the biggest opportunities we believe will appear in the next 12 months.

This year at T&C, we’re also having special breakout tracks just for AGENCIES, and another track for OWNERS AND EXECUTIVES on how they can setup their business processes to prepare for the growth they’re about to experience.

See, I told you this was completely different...

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About “Marketing Events”

Ok, I've given you a taste of what we have in store for you at the Traffic & Conversion Summit, but let me assure you that I've left A LOT more unsaid than said.

Still, the session highlights above should be more than enough for you to make an intelligent decision on whether or not this event is right for you. But before you decide one way or the other, here are some additional “Special Features” you should know about the Traffic & Conversion Summit:

  1. All content, no pitches. I said it earlier and I'll say it again: This is a content event! You're coming here to learn...not to buy. There's a time and place for platform selling, but this isn't it.
  2. Limited guest get mainly Perry Belcher and me for 3 days straight (for better or worse). :o)
  3. Module-based teaching. The training will be delivered in short, 45 – 60 minute modules with ample time allowed for questions and discussions. In other words, if you have a question about a concept that we're presenting, you'll have time to get an answer.

If you're still reading this, then you're probably starting to think this event is for you. But don't get ahead of yourself, because...'s the sad, sad truth:

Chances are the Traffic & Conversion Summit STILL isn’t for you.

I'm dead serious...and no this isn't one of those “reverse psychology” things a lot of marketers try to do.

Here are the facts:

  1. This event is expensive. I like to think of it as “reassuringly expensive” because it means it there won't be the usual wannabees and chuckle-heads running around annoying everyone. In other words, if you're a PLAYER, you'll feel right at home.If you're on your last dime, though, and you're treating this business as a last-gasp effort to avoid bankruptcy, foreclosure or some other horrible financial situation, my hope is that the fee for this training will scare you away.It's not that I don't want to help's just that you're not ready for this level of training yet.
  2. This is event is all about practical, applicable tactics and strategies that MAKE's NOT one of those motivational, fix your head, “rah-rah fests” designed to make you feel good even when you're still broke.So if you're the kind of person who needs coddling or motivation, please stay away. You'll be disappointed, and we'll be annoyed. The Traffic & Conversion Summit is for people who want to take their businesses to the next level, and who are willing to put the effort and investment that's required to reach that level.

Still feel it's right for you?

Then you're probably wondering how much you're going to invest to join this livestream event. Ok, here goes (without the usual “beating around the bush”)...

The fee to view the Traffic & Conversion Summit Livestream is $497.

Now if you notice, I didn't do a long, drawn out price justification.

That's because if your initial reaction was anything other than “Wow, that's A LOT less than I thought it would be...”

...then chances are you aren't ready and you don't qualify.

Here's the deal: I don't mean to sound cocky, but we’re pretty good at this stuff. In fact, we’re among the few who actually make more money DOING digital marketing than we do TEACHING it.

That's a fact that very, very few can claim.

And you get the entire DigitalMarketer team in the same room teaching you everything we know about Traffic & Conversion (the most important parts of online marketing!) for 3 straight days!

Why This Is Easily The Best Investment You'll Make In Your Business All Year...

The event is SOLD OUT. The only way to attend is online via the livestream option.

But even at $497 you may be wondering...

“Is it worth it?”

Here are 3 reasons why I believe it's a bargain at 10 or 20 times the price:

  1. It's the best use of your TIME. During the 3-day Traffic & Conversion Summit, you will receive approximately 20 hours of hard-hitting, no fluff content. You average “big box home-study course” is 3 – 5 hours of audio and/or video, so this is like spending 3 days to consume four or five big box information products!
  2. Dollar for dollar there's no better way to invest your MONEY. Well, when you consider that most (if not all) big-ticket home-study courses retail for $1,997, you would need to spend $8,000 – $10,000 just to get the same AMOUNT of information you're going to get during this 3-day workshop.And again, that's just what you would need to spend to get the same AMOUNT of information...not the same QUALITY of information. The truth is, most big box information products are 60 – 70% fluff, and NONE of them (not even our own high-ticket home-study courses) cover what we'll be covering during this livestream event.
  3. Guaranteed CONSUMPTION of content! If you're anything like me (and pretty much every other successful business owner I know), then you've invested thousands...maybe even tens of thousands of dollars in your education. And you know what? That's a good thing! Like I said earlier, I buy every product that comes out, and I actually consume the vast majority of them. But if you're anything like me, you have products on your shelf that still have the shrink-wrap on them. Am I right? Don't be ashamed...we all do it. As a business owner, it's hard to balance continuing education and actually running your business, and usually the RUNNING of your business wins out. (And that's how it should be!) But with the Traffic & Conversion Summit, there's not a question of whether or not you'll consume the content we're providing to you. This time YOU WILL consume the information...YOU WILL get immediate value from your investment and YOU WILL make more money because of it.

By now you should be convinced that this event is unlike any event you've ever even heard about. You should also know by now whether this event is right for you, which is why...

You Have To Take Action To Get Results...

At this point there really isn't much else I can say.

If you scroll down, you'll see the registration box that will allow you to reserve your spot. Now I want you to click on the orange “Register Now” button, fill out form on the next page, and mark your calendar and clear your appointments once the confirmation arrives in your inbox.

I'm it now:


There's no reason to procrastinate or deliberate any longer. The time for action is now, because the event is about to kick off.

And believe me, when it's the week after the event and the forums are buzzing about all the “big reveals”, you won't want to be the guy standing on the outside wondering what everyone else is so excited about.

So REGISTER NOW before you miss your chance again!

I'll see you on the livestream,

Ryan Deiss